Estudios de Casos Dentales

Case #1:

Genetic interruption of enamel formation.

Full mouth Ceramic Crown restoration.

Case #2:

Erosion and tooth wear.

Ceramic Veneers restore lost tooth structure.

Case #3:

Enamel erosion and decay.

Ceramic Veneer restorations replace lost enamel.

Case #4:

Malalignment of teeth with bone loss and older restorations.

New Ceramic Crown restorations.

Case #5:

Older Composite Veneers and poor tooth proportion.

New Ceramic Veneers.

Case #6:

Tooth malalignment and spaces.

Post Orthodontic Ceramic Veneers (Orthodontic treatment provided by Dr Stewart White and Dr Brett Grube).

Case #7:

Enamel deficiency and decay.

Ceramic Veneer restorations replace affected enamel.

Case #8:

Failing existing restorations that are aged and worn.

Esthetic Restorative Process:  Full ceramic crowns restore function and provide excellent esthetics.

Case #9:

Developmentally small teeth.

Conservative Ceramic veneer restorations.

Case #10:

lack of occlusal harmony leading to damaged teeth and poor esthetics.

Esthetic Restorative Process:  Long term occlusal stability and excellent esthetics.

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